“A stunning website with wonderful photos from the most perceptive critic writing about jazz today,”  Prof/Dr Tommy Smith, Saxophonist, Composer, Arranger, Artistic Director of Jazz, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra.

A Unique Collection of Over 2,500 Rare and Previously Unseen Jazz Photos That  Can Be  Purchased for Commercial and Private Use

The Collections Tabs showcase selected photographs under various genres of jazz to illustrate  the range of the archive.  The “Play Slideshow” facility is a useful aid to view these photos in full screen mode.

The Artists Tabs  are in alphabetical order but note that on this website they are filed under first names first, thus Miles Davis will be under the “M” tab and not the “D” tab,  Joe Zawinul will be found under the “J” tab and not the “Z” tab and so on.

Generic categories are filed under “N” for “New York,” “B” for “Brecon Jazz” and so on.

Note that if you have an ADSL connection of 10Mbps or less, downloading a Collection or an individual artist to view may take between 30-60 seconds, depending on the number of images.

All are invited to use the archive, subject to the terms and conditions of use. Click on an image click and follow the onscreen prompts to enquire about fees for personal use or obtaining a licence for commercial use.

A license is a contract in which the copyright holder © STUART NICHOLSON grants  specific rights to a client who wants to use the image commercially (album covers, newspaper, magazine, book illustration, internet use etc.). The client can only use the image within the terms and conditions of the agreement.  A licence is granted in exchange for a fee which is accepted by the copyright holder © STUART NICHOLSON for each and every photographic image on the understanding the licensee has read, understands and agrees to the terms and conditions of use detailed herein.

To include the number of photographs we have on this website it was necessary to display them in relatively low resolution format. Note that all photographs are supplied in high resolution 280 dpi Jpeg files.

Take advantage of our tie-up with a professional framing service, see example here.

Many of these photos have been begun to be used under licence  for CD and LP cover art, such as these examples for Red Records.


 Yusef Lateef